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    •   The 'un'Filled Page As I stare into an empty page ‘What do I write? Upon the vast emptiness - is everything I want And everything that can’t As Ink fills that emptiness quick, blues becomes bright! Scratched all over - those scars ...

      The Un’Filled’ Page

      July 27, 2017
    • Life is never the same Hard toil to reach the pinnacle of achievement Enjoy the momentary success Then roll down To rest in the valley of deep sorrow This is the philosophy of life If we understand this We will feel no pain or gain Life ...

      Life is Never the Same

      July 23, 2017
    • If wearing a Suit and Tie, Can make you sly; If having power, Can get you gay; If conscience was sold. Neither right nor bold, Can you hold – Egos retold. Neither do you grow, Nor do you sow, Mellowing at follow- Er(r) of ...

      It is All Corporate

      July 23, 2017
    • Reading anecdote after anecdote Devouring them all like an antidote. Savoring them to heal the poisonous Break out – Love, they called it. They promised me hope, rejuvenated life; Nectar like thoughts for a drugged mind. Words over words ...

      The Last Call, With Love!

      July 23, 2017
    • 'Love' she sighed, 'You know' A coy smile brought that glow. 'Forbidden Fruit - Don't get rooted' Brown Bark hooted. 'You sway much! Might stray! Caution Forbidden Fruit! Restrain Unbidden Thought! ' barked brown Bark. Smouldering Eyes ...

      Forbidden Fruit And Wandering Wind

      July 23, 2017
    • As a month old baby, I saw you! O Moon! As white huge ball, I whined & purred for You all while Incapable to reach; incapable to think, All I did was to sleep & sleep As a five year-old girl, I saw you! O Moon! Singing vernacular ...

      Moon n’ Me

      July 23, 2017

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